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Phonogram 2.6

What's this? A full colour comic page? What the Jimminy's going on? Well, this is the unlettered page one of my two page back up story for the current series of Phonogram by that Kieron Gillen and that Jamie McKelvie from Image Comics. I had a right old time trying to get the colours right but now that I've had some distance from it I'm quite happy with them, I've been told they fit the music referenced in the story quite well.

My 'B-side' written by Kieron will be in the 6th issue and has just been solicited for August 26th and will not look like this, as this is just a mock cover:

When there is a final cover, I'll post it here probably with a lettered version of the page and perhaps a Diamond order code. Who knows? It's all tremendously exciting.
Tags: jamie mckelvie, kieron gillen, phonogram
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