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The third in my 'Childhood Villains' series, in which I draw character's that used to freak me out when I was little, is Charn from 'Through the Dragon's Eye'.

It's probably only people of around my age who grew up in Britain who will recognise this guy. Charn is the villain from the BBC Look & Read programme 'Through the Dragon's Eye' (1989), an epic fantasy on a low budget in which three school children enter a world without writing. Let me just reiterate that Charn was created to help teach children how to read. Teachers would record the show and play it in class, pausing it for us to join in the word puzzles, and every episode ended with a tense cliffhanger. I loved the show when I was 7 because it was so much more imaginative than any other education show for kids and as much fun as most cartoons. Who can forget Boris, Moris and Doris, the Keepers of the Veetacore?

Charn freaked me out of course and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. The skeletal bird wizard would stalk around zapping people with his lightning that would turn them into puddles of slime whilst creepily threatening the children, prodding them with his knife-like fingers. Watching it now he's evidently played by a camp thesp but there is still something truly horrible about that mask.

Also, looking at the characters I've chosen so far I think I might just be afraid of men in skirts.

If you think I may have exaggerated the horror of Charn's design (no children's character would have dusty guts spilling out of his ribcage, right?) then see him for yourself during the EPIC final battle between Charn and Gorwen, the good dragon of the title.


Next week: A surprise!
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