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Farewell, LiveJournal.


This week I have rebuilding my website from scratch using Wordpress, a theme called Cleanr and a Lightbox image viewer plugin. Say hello to brand new, a much neater and spacious site which happily combines all my comic work with my commercial illustration and storyboard work. It's a one stop shop for all things Cadwell and it also hosts my new blog.

Which means, sadly, that I will no longer be posting on my dusty old LiveJournal. We've had some good times, and I've met the majority of my artist friends in the comic world through the ol' LJ, but after three years of blogging, the slow decline of posts on my Friends page and pretty much everyone using Google Reader (that's where I follow all my LJ friends now) it's time to move on. I'll be keeping my LJ account of course for commenting on other's blogs and everything will remain as an archive of my work and interests from June '06 to July '09.

So, to follow my continued blogging simply add to your RSS reader of choice and I hope to see some familiar LJ names commenting on future posts.

Goodbye Livejournal! It's been nice knowin' ya ;) x


As a sidenote, I'm tidying up my web presence in general. Gone is my ugly MySpace and my forgotten ComicSpace, my Facebook is personal and I'm not on Twitter. I'll only be active on my own site, the Manchester Comix Collective and wonderful Flickr. In these days of customisable Web 2.0 I don't really see the need to be spread out all over the web, surely it's simpler to pull everything together into one or two places?
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